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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our feelings are individualistic and one has the natural right to give them to whom he/she chooses. Intervention in one's decision on choosing who to give them to is futile.

One might say, oftentimes we don't actually can't choose whom we are attracted to, it just is. Happens.... Attraction is not a choice. But pursuing the attraction is a choice no? So, my point is one has the right to do that with whom they want and it is pointless for another to intervene in that since it is an individual matter.

Honesty to thy self is crucial and of the utmost importance.

TRUST too is place important factor in any relationship and that should not be broken as it's impossible to undo it.

Programming everyone with the same thoughts and feelings isn't going to uplift humanity is it?
Hitler tried that one remember.... And whoever said love is logical anyway?
Where’s the Romance in that?!
Life makes perfect sense when in love however illogical it may appear. Trust the universe to take care of everything else...

We can only receive what we give; we can only give what we cultivate in our Hearts

Strive to see beauty and good in everything; you have a choice on how you see the world and the way you live in it.

Oftentimes, no matter how many rules we follow; it's never good enough for the rule makers. When you're almost done obeying this one, there is always the NEXT one aligned already....
There arrives a MOMENT when we are called upon by LIFE to DECIDE. To either is a shepherd or a sheep. A Shepherd not to control others, rather to steer our own Journey.

This choice is available in every moment. Life is deciding our fate and we are also capable of deciding the fate of the life. The choice is always there for both to decide. The universe is watching who is going to take the first step!

“At the head of all these laws, in and through every
Particle of matter and force stands one through whose
Command the wind blows, the fire burns, the clouds rain,
And death stalks upon the earth. And what is His nature?
He is everywhere the pure and formless One, the
Almighty and the All Merciful. Thou art our Father. Thou
Art our beloved Friend.”