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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What would you do if you knew love, what would you do if you lived love, what would you do if you loved the whole worl

Love is the very substance that this world is made of, is out there and in us, is the essence of the matter that we feel as solid and is the essence of our being, our soul.

But Love can take Action thru us, the humans and that implies that we know Love with our heart, we feel it and we let it "work" thru us.

We cannot sit on the sofa and blog about Love. This is not action.

Love is not out there and is going to come to save us; actually even the Love out there can save us if we only NOTICE it... it's in the simple things, in the nature, in the human relationships and so on

What did Love do, for example, when Mother Teresa allowed it to transform her and to not be afraid or reason anymore? In the middle of hunger, thirst, fear dirt, pain, so much pain, there she was, doing her work.

The similar examples are everywhere actually, there is an Indian guy that just finished his studying to be a chef, he could have a wonderful career as a chef in some opulent hotel but he decided to feed the hungry on the streets in his city in India, so he cooks, he feeds them and he hugs them and bathes them.
This is what Love is doing, thru him, he allows it to, and guess what: I don't think he needs Prozac when he gets home to kill the pain he sees around every day... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RsRFklZ2-8 Notice in the video: what was his first question: "what is the purpose of my soul?"

You might say: this doesn't even matter in the ocean of a billion of people suffering around there. No, it matters, it matters for Narayanan (that is his name) and for his pursuit of happiness and it matters for God, and it matters for those people he is helping very much!