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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Any large group of people -- the citizens of a city, a country, the citizens of the world -- could easily get together to stop war and do things differently. So the "big guys" -- and the societies that we live in and the "big guys" profit from -- do everything they can to divide us from one another. ("Divide and conquer...") There are so many people we're not "supposed to" get to know!

-- What is racism but a really great way to keep individual "whites" and "people of color" from knowing each other, caring about each other, and joining together for a society of respect for all?

-- What is sexism but an ingenious way to divide every household from within -- the womenfolk’s and the men folks believing, much of the time, that we can never really understand and trust each other?

-- What is classism but a way to make sure people in "better" classes don't get to hear, respect, and use the sensible ideas of people "below" them -- and to make sure the "lower" people believe they have no useful ideas?

The divisive society cannot afford for you and me to compare notes on what it does to our lives. So, a basic, effective way to move toward peace is

-- To make friends with people who are different from us, and

-- To deepen our connection and trust with the people we already know

No more wrecking the Earth (especially not for profit). That humanity can and will find marvelously respectful ways to live as an equal partner among all the other creatures, the plant world, the interlocking life systems, and the air we breathe.

No more wasting of human gifts and genius. Each day, after being able to earn at least basic sustenance, everyone on Earth will have time and energy left over to think about, contribute to, and celebrate the wonderfulness of life.

Peace -> is us getting to work together to have things be the way we want them. Peace is all of us getting to enjoy our own and each other's unique genius and gifts :)