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Sunday, November 27, 2011

PEACE need to be educate...

PEACE need to be educate...

by Sayang Osman on Monday, 28 November 2011 at 16:27
Unfortunately the majority of the past generations didn`t realize the importance of Peace & that`s what I see here & in many places in the world that the new generations have no clue about Peace :(

PEACE has to be Educated alongside the Human Rights to our children , I think, PEACE IS A MATTER OF EDUCATION & THE KNOWLEDGE OF EACH OTHERS .

Please teach each of our children about PEACE & encourage them to know the other side First before Judging. Love all & respect all & never force your believes on any one, my dad always told me your attitude defines your faith & believes.

My message is Peace, is beyond human non sense & seeing the other who are different than me as an exciting cultural exploration is beyond human stupidity.

Just imagine all of the infinite possibilities which you are! Not what you could do, but who you really are! So, what can you imagine you can do? Don’t think about the logistics, just use your Heart and create an image in your mind of what you could do if you had unlimited power & resources.

The car won't move if you are always neutral. The car won't move if you are always clutching. The car moves best when fuelled by love, driven with awareness and steered peacefully by purpose.