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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Right Now and enjoy life

Be in this moment. There has always only been NOW.

The present moment is significant, not as the bridge between past and future, but by reason of its contents, which can fill our emptiness and become ours if we are capable of receiving them.

The mind is constantly simmering with thoughts. Usually, these are thoughts about what has already happened or what we need to do next to fulfill a want or need.

Once in awhile, we are present in the right now. We have experienced those rare "moments of being," perhaps as we conversed with a loved one, enjoyed nature or participated in a creative or athletic activity.

Completely present, we lose track of time. We discover this moment is all we need.

I will rest into this moment right now and enjoy life.

All animals except human being know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it.

Animals live purely in the moment. We've all seen how a dog greets his master with unabashed joy or marveled at wild animals playing, seemingly for the sheer fun of it.

Other creatures know intimately the stress of immediate survival but we human appear to be the only ones capable of worry. We create our own internal stress over things we can't control and that may not even come to pass.

How much happiness do we forfeit in the face of imagined treats?

It is a release to remember to breathe, look around ourselves and recognize
all the good in our lives. While having real struggle, fear, or sadness, it is wise to find the joy in the middle of it.

See and experience all the beauty and pleasure in our life right now and do one activity tomorrow just for the fun of it.