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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


No matter how ‘good’ OR ‘bad’ you think things have been, they can be better. No matter how wonderful you think your theologies, your ideologies, your cosmologies, they can be full of even more wonder. For there are ‘more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy’.

BE OPEN. Don’t close off the possibility of new truth because you have been comfortable with an old one. Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.

Yet be not quick to judge another. Rather, seek to avoid judgement, for another person’s ‘wrongs’ were your ‘rights’ of another person’s mistake are your own past actions, now corrected; another person’s choices and decisions are as hurtful and harmful, as selfish and unforgivable as many of our own have been.

It is when you just cannot imagine how another person could do such a thing that you have forgotten where you came from, and where both you and the other person are going.

And to those of you who think yourselves to be the evil ones, who think yourselves to be unworthy and irredeemable, I tell you this; there is not a one among you who is lost forever, nor will there ever be. For you are all, all, in the process of becoming. You are all, all, moving thought the experience of evolution. That is what God is up to, through us.