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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Deal with anger

I used to store my anger when I was a child and it affected my play. Now I get it all out. I'm never rude, that's what I told myself, and I’m much focused on the ball. Then it's over. There are appropriate ways for me so express anger. I will find the best way for me to deal with it, so I can move on.
Stuffing our anger isn't a good way to deal with it. “Oh, it's not a big deal," we tell others. "I'm fine," even when it's not true.

There are ways to express anger. I always warned them, "I'm angry with you". In the safest relationship, we should be able to say we feel angry about something, but sometimes the other person isn't ready to handle it.

We may need to wait until later and then release our feelings through athletic activity or artistic expression.

Surprisingly, once we commit to expressing anger, it may take very little time before it dissipates.

When anger comes, start your machinery of calmness going; let your calmness move the cogwheel of peace, love, and forgiveness. With these antidotes, destroy anger.