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Monday, September 5, 2011


People spend whole lifetimes seeking that which they already have. They have it, because they are it. All you have to do to have love is to be love. You are beloved. Each of you. All of you.

Don't keep intellectualizing these truths; all it does is stay in the mind and not as an experience of life. The more you repeat these, the more useless it becomes...

Life is comprised of Love and Light. One is how it feels (Love) - the other is how it appears (Light) -- both are the essence Life. And we are all three, all at once, all the time!

Showing gratitude for that which you already have is the true key to opening up the door to receive! Enjoy each moment, be thankful and show gratitude at every opportunity.

Read the book "Love for no reason" - an invaluable book, one of the best I've ever read.

Same with enlightenment ... we already have enlightenment; all we have to do to have enlightenment is be enlightened! Act as if ... until we create the belief. So simple, that those busy complicating life miss it completely.

Love is the essence of the universe and the light of our souls.

There is no need to change anyone’s point of view about anything! Just be the light that leads by example of a life lived quietly, happily, joyfully! Expect no reward for good deeds done! Life is the reward!