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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Higher love is uplifting

A higher love understands that as guardian over another person's feelings we need to lift them up spiritually when his/her own belief in himself or herself falters.

The beauty of it all is that as we offer inspiration to our beloved, we inspire ourselves. Conversely, when we drag him or her down, we drags ourselves down as well.

Inspiration could mean a number of different things to different people.

To me, it means....
- when our loved one doubts their beauty, we remind them how beautiful they are
- we encourage them to stretch and grow, even if we fear he will 'grow' away from us
- we stretch and grow in order to become a support instead of a burden
- we applaud them when they are succeeding, we don't begrudge them success
- we don't buy into dependency, but encourage them to stand on their own two feet....this requires tough love!

The whole of the human species is crying out for love. If we all take time to look into our hearts, we will ultimately feel complete and connected within ourselves and as part of the human family.

Getting out into the world can bring silent screams of terror. But we won't find what we want by retreating. In going back, we will only find the silent screams of helplessness.