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Monday, February 28, 2011

It takes work to be social

Relationship-building asks for regular practice. The instrument of amiability needs careful tuning, and the player has to train basic skills in order to attain virtuosity. Life in our age of individualism does not incline us towards sociability; if anything it can generate a cynical distrust of others or a disparagement of ourselves.

The person who is content with his/her lot, and accepts it positively with good grace, is a balm to those around; already this is a social achievement. Personal contentment and enjoyment of life keep one fit for the fray of living with others.

All person will have their own way of selecting their aims; it belongs to our individual philosophy of life. I share with you my own suggestions, but only as a stimulus for you to work the guide lines that apply to you.
- to keep physically active
- to develop a sense for order
- to have reverence for each other
- develop a sense of what is important
- think creatively
- to act in terms of the future
- bear in mind constantly that our thoughts and feeling have an effect on our surroundings
- to be reassured that we all count, as important member of the human community
- to acquire the art of stillness in our souls and
- to see ALL life's events as opportunities for learning

There are doubtless many more aims that could spring to mind, the skills of relating need this kind of self-guidance and programme of self-discipline. It is better to set these aims for oneself than to take over someone else's suggestions.
These are all only to set you thinking; your own list would reflect your own need and also your personal situation and you could change as you progress.