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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Asking what if

Asking what if, a dreamer- you know- it's a mind that looks over the edge of things.

The day dreaming mind asks, "what would happen if...?'
It also doodles with thought, following no specific path.
Perhaps as children, we aware told not to daydream.

It was considered lazy.

The dreamer knows that much can be accomplished in that seemingly frivolous time.
The oldest musings bubble to the surface while daydreaming.

When we let our curiosity and creativity come out to play,
we increase the likelihood that we'll have clever ideas throughout out routine hours.

We need time to let our mind wander, dream, and wonder, “what if?”

Letting ourselves dream, we give ourselves permission to entertain any idea and possibility.

and you know what I've been up to today.....