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Monday, August 23, 2010

Feelings, by contrast, put me in dialogue with the world.

As in conversation, I both learn from the world and contribute something to it through my feeling immersion in it.

I am not so radically separate from it - at moments, I may be completely identified with it.

To think a thought, any thought, we have to do it for a... time. as you read this sentence, you have to think it through yourself to understand what it means. You cannot stand outside it completely and just observe it.

Afterwards, of course, you can look at the thought and have your respond, but in the moment of understanding the sentence, there is no distance between you and the thought. YOU ARE AT ONE WITH IT!

Same thing like reading the Quran, the process is the same. So, we NEED time to think it through ourself to understand what it means, it will EXPLAINED itself to you.