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Monday, May 24, 2010


Thanking, like thinking, is manna that cannot be stored. It lives in the moment of its own performance, or else it petrifies.
Thanking that has become lazy turns into the anxiety that you will lose what you have. This is no longer thanks; it is an aspect of insecurity, if not greed.
Thanking does not grab onto the gift , but simple delights in it. We can think of a gift - even if the gift is something intangible, like time itself - as wanting a hug from us, but not wanting to be chained by our affection.
Thanking leaves the gift free.

If we intensify our gratefulness sufficiently, it grows dense, like the other soul function, and becomes a self-sufficient activity.
We no longer need anymore to thank, or anything to be thankful for.
We become thanking itself, a part of the gratitude at the heart of creation and it is more than enough.